Audio Tours -- Accessible For All

For over 10 years, I have honed the skills to create accessible audio tours that can work for all audiences, including people with vision loss.
  • Writing for the Ear
  • Verbal Description
  • Sound Design
  • Friendly Narration 
For art, history, and science museums; for historic and cultural sites; for use on location or on a web site. And I can teach others to create for your organization. 
Contact me and let's work together. 


* Yeshiva University Museum, Verbal Description Training (2017)

* Museum of the Central Sierra Audio Tour (2017)

* Tattooed New York, NYHS Audio Tour (2017)

* First Jewish Americans, NYHS Audio Tour (2016)

 * Prickett's Fort Audio Tour, West Virginia (2016)

  * Denver Art Museum Verbal Description Audio Tour (2015)

    * Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Audio Tour (2015)

       * One World Trade Center Observatory Audio Tour (2015)

           * NCCHR Accessible Audio Tour (2015)

              * Lincoln and the Jews NYHS Audio Tour (2015)

                * Intrepid Access Audio/Tactile Tour

                      *NYHS Armory Show at 100 Audio Tour